Vietnam “Corporate Finance Due Diligence”

The Assignment

Conduct due diligence to establish a business partner for client in Vietnam

  • Tractus was engaged by a global financial services company to conduct detailed due diligence on a local Fintech company and its principals with special emphasis on their business practices, and integrity.
  • Due diligence results were to be used by Tractus’ client to make a decision on the convenience of considering the target as a suitable business partner.


Interviewed personnel and reviewed public records of the target company

  • Tractus started by conducting secondary research on the company and its principals reviewing public data, business licenses registration records, news or any other source where the company or its principals were mentioned. Additionally we identified potential interviewees in the financial services industry who might have direct knowledge of the target company business or its management
  • In a second stage Tractus conducted interviews with more than twenty individuals and gathered their views and experiences with the target management team.


Troubleshot business risks in spite of untarnished reputation of Target Company

  • Tractus’ confirmed the solid business reputation of the management team, their integrity as well as non-existence of litigation records or evidence of unethical business practices.
  • Additionally some legal risks related to the ownership of the brand were uncovered as well as the fact that the company was operating within an unregulated legal framework and there could be a business risk should the government pass new laws that restrict the company capacity to operate.

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