Vietnam Business Inc.ubator advises Amcol’s management, restructures business development

The Assignment

To expand production and service operations in Vietnam

Tractus was engaged by a multinational mineral company to help expand its presence in Vietnam with two main goals – find new supply sources for bentonite and anthracite resources, and establish sales and distribution channels for its multiple product lines of value added products.


Ran detailed analysis on industry provided all-in-one support to implement necessary changes.

  • Tractus helped develop the job description for a commercial coordinator and led a selection process to recruit the appropriate candidate.
  • Tractus also developed a program implementation plan with objectives and an execution milestones.
  • The first part of the engagement focused on mapping and identifying the potential suppliers for anthracite and bentonite throughout Vietnam.
  • The second phase dealt with implementing the business development plan; Tractus provided management oversight to achieve goals such as product registrations, environmental compliance approvals and other regulatory licenses required for the products to be imported and distributed in Vietnam.
  • The final part of the program included business development activities that target industry sectors like foundry, construction, detergent and fertilizers.


The Tractus Business Inc.ubator helped the client achieve their goal to enter the Vietnam market with a very short ramp up period

    • Implemented a sales representative and established a distribution network
    • Sales figures grew from zero to US$ 500,000 within 24 months

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