Lutheran Partners in Global Ministry –LPGM- supporting needy children in South India

The Assignment

  • While conducting its annual CSR event for students at an elementary school in one of the backward areas of Tamil Nadu, South India, Tractus India team met with one of the sponsors from the Lutheran Partners in Global Ministry –LPGM from Minnesota in the USA.
  • LPGM is an organization that engages individuals and communities in transformational partnerships across the globe.  Centered in faith and dedicated to service, LPGM is called to action by sharing resources and hope. Receiving – joy, satisfaction, and love – is as important to LPGM as giving. The largest and most visible project that LPGM coordinates is a child sponsorship program in South India.  LPGM sends funds to 6 Boarding Homes and supports children from the scheduled and backward class by providing for their food and lodging, as well as education.
  • For more than 15 years LPGM has been working with the Arcot Lutheran Church ALC and its boarding homes by sending funds to the organization. LPGM USA has however not managed to ensure that the funds sent are also being utilized for the purpose agreed to.  With the government in India having stricter regulations on NGOs and how funds coming into India are being used, LPGM wants to safeguard its activities to meet the regulations.

Tractus’ solution

  • After a thorough understanding of the situation and evaluating the circumstances, Tractus proposed various options of setting up an entity in India.
  • It was however found that registering and setting a Trust or Charitable Society would require time and expenses and then also, there was no sure bet that the same would be granted by the Indian Government.
  • Based on these, LPGM requested Tractus to undertake the role of a management consultant and support LPGM with staffing to ensure that funds sent from USA were being used solely for the purpose of supporting children’s education, food and lodging.


  • Tractus re-structured the LPGM India office by removing the people not suitable for their roles and appointed a new Project manager as well five social field workers to work in the different boarding homes.
  • After the initial protests from the ALC projects office, the ALC’s Board is now 100% supportive of this action as they see the professionality which has been brought into the organization.
  • Tractus has and is training the new team in organizational issues and the support team has brought immense changes into the management and students of the Boarding Homes when it comes to food, accommodation, mental and physical education, as well as general life conditions.
  • Tractus is continuously improving processes and consulting the US client in its Indian activities.
  • Tractus has now worked with the client for three years and just got another two year extension.


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