Invest Hong Kong – Assistance and Support to Launch Thai Business to Hong Kong Market

The Assignment

Customized services for individual Thai business to settle up in Hong Kong

  • Invest Hong Kong (InvestHK) is the department of the Hong Kong SAR Government responsible for Foreign Direct Investment, supporting overseas businesses.
  • Invest Hong Kong provides free customized services and consultancy for foreign businesses and companies who want expand or set up their businesses in Hong Kong.
  • The Investment Officers are organized into nine specialist sector teams covering Hong Kong’s pillar industries and new growth sectors: Business & Professional Services: Consumer Products: Creative Industries: Financial Services: Information & Communications Technology: Innovation & Technology: Tourism & Hospitality: Transport & Industrial: Start Up Business.

Tractus’ Solution

Attract Thai businesses to consider Hong Kong as their second regional base or distribution center

  • Tractus worked closely with InvestHK sector teams to provide support to Thai businesses on their needs to set up their company’s first steps in Hong Kong. This was done through information base, local professional assistance, ex. regulation checks, legal firms, accounting firms or property agents.
  • Tractus attended trade show and EXPO on behalf of InvestHK to promote our investment office.
  • Tractus created a local network with other Thai government agencies to promote Thai businesses who were interested in outbound investment to Hong Kong.
  • The local Thai team created a pipeline of potential Thai businesses who were interested and who have the capacity to expand their business to Hong Kong, and arranged face-to-face meetings with them.


Create awareness and understanding of Thai businesses for InvestHK and investment promotion

    • Tractus completed 2016 target’s meeting of 42, where we met Thai investors and business owners who have an interest to set up their businesses in Hong Kong.
    • Local Thai teams were invited and participated in 2 speaking events on behalf of InvestHK head office to talk about investing in Hong Kong for Thai investors.
    • The team created a pipeline of Thai businesses that have potential to convert their companies and businesses into successful investments in Hong Kong.

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