Humanetics Corporation – Procurement intelligence and supplier identification

The Assignment

  • Humanetics is a privately held, clinical stage pharmaceutical company located in the Minneapolis metropolitan area that develops commercial products to enhance human health and wellbeing.
  • With the prices of APIs increasing in China, the company was an alternative supplier that can meet high volume demand at competitive prices.

Tractus’ Solution

Find competitive suppliers from India

  • Tractus undertook research to identify suppliers of diosgenin, a biologic-derived plant hormone used as an active pharmaceutical ingredient in one of Humanetics pharmaceutical compounds.
  • The assignment required us to interview cultivators of and processors of the wild yams that are the source of the diosgenin compound. The research revealed that suppliers of diosgenin in India had discovered alternative sources of diosgenin in addition to the diascorea yams from which it is typically derived.
  • Tractus also organized and managed a familiarization trip to India for the company’s Managing Director to meet with leading companies producing diosgenin and initiated discussions with these companies about partnering with Humanetics.


Successful partnership opportunity

  • Tractus supported the US company to partner with an Indian manufacturer.
  • The partnership with the Indian company has reduced Humanetics’ total API cost by USD2 million annually.

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