Economic Development–Trade promotion, “Vietnam market entry assistance”

The Assignment

In the last 5 years, Tractus has been engaged to consult for over 70 companies for trade promotion and economic development in Vietnam

  • Tractus has been assisting trade promotion and economic development organizations in Vietnam since 2007
  • The most typical engagements include assisting companies with initial market assessment, identification of importers and distributors and organization of trade missions from consumer products and industrial machinery to water equipment and environmental technologies.


Tractus identifies potential partners to match with foreign exporting companies

  • Projects always start by gaining a thorough understanding of the exporter’s needs in terms of their products, target clients, and their specific goals in Vietnam market.
  • Tractus team conducts detailed research to identify relevant parties and approach them to confirm their interest in foreign products and to engage in further discussions with the exporters resulting in a shortlist of qualified companies that meet critical criteria.


Tractus conducts in-depth research of industry and connects audience

    • Tractus provides an initial assessment of the potential opportunity in Vietnam through secondary research and the feedback received from direct discussion with importers or potential business partners.
    • Exporters gain access to relevant importers interested in their products and the deliverables can be in different formats like a simple report, a meeting agenda with support to conduct the meetings or an individual company promotion where Tractus will bring together a target audience.
    • Typical results are companies identifying suitable business partner and engaging in formal distribution agreements and in some cases direct sales.

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