Choose New Jersey – FDI attraction from Indian companies

The Assignment

  • From 2013-2015, Tractus was awarded the contract to represent the State of New Jersey, Choose New Jersey (CNJ), with their India investment attraction initiatives. The overall objective was to identify and prioritize the best prospects and industry sectors and grow inbound investment to the state.

Tractus’ Solution

Determine interest of Indian investors with New Jersey State’s Assets and sectors

  • As the CNJ India Representatives, Tractus identifies potential Indian companies that may have interest to invest in New Jersey. To attract investments, Tractus supplied market intelligence, trade event facilitation, and partner/customer matching services
  • Tractus contacted over 600 firms during the outreach and ascertained their interest level in expanding to the USA and highlighted the advantages of establishing a presence in New Jersey. This included meeting with the leadership teams of several Indian conglomerates and mid-sized companies and explaining in detail the opportunity in expanding to the state.


Four multi million investments into the state

  • Tractus efforts translated into four investments in the pharmaceutical and entertainment sector into the state.
  • Tractus also successfully organised and accompanied a small delegation – led by the CEO of Chose New Jersey – to India where they met with industry leaders of Indian conglomerates and multiple organisations at 30 high level meetings.

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