Business Inc.ubator – Entering Myanmar in an Uncertain Time

The Assignment

Upon easing of sanctions, some large companies entered the market with caution

  • Without a reliable stream of available market information, a few Fortune 100 companies sought to enter Myanmar quickly in 2013 to capture the first-mover advantage, learn about the market, and build a book of business.
  • The complex environment made local operations difficult without qualified on-the-ground staff, available office space, and other commercial risks present.
  • Tractus was engaged to help these companies to quickly understand the market and hire competent local leaders in a market plagued with low supply of qualified labor.

Tractus’ Solution

Business Inc.ubator as a low risk and low cost market entry platform

  • In addition to providing shared facilities and a closed office, Tractus assisted its clients in hiring talented staff in a market that is extraordinarily difficult to find people.
  • Tractus supports its clients with all necessary back-office administrative functions, which enables the local representatives to be flexible in the market development without investing in necessary back-office and management oversight until the time is right.
  • Tractus assisted with company registration, opportunity identification, and providing management oversight on behalf of our clients.
  • Tractus’ local staff supports our clients with necessary local compliance and is available for troubleshooting local issues.


Paved the way for growing local teams and market share

  • Our model has allowed the companies to mitigate commercial risks to making significant investments in a country fraught with risks.
  • Providing management oversight and in-market guidance has postponed the need for growing the local team until the market conditions and business model can support the added costs and the staff operate independently.

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