Atlantic Service Company – Southeast Asia Market Expansion

The Assignment

Atlantic Service looking to supply their high quality band saw blades for the food industry to emerging Southeast Asia

  • Atlantic Service Company is a leading band saw blade manufacturer based in the United Kingdom that produces high quality blades for food processors.
  • Tractus Asia, through our strategic partnership with Aydon Consultants that facilitates initiatives from Business Wales, supported Atlantic Service to identify and meet with potential band saw blade distributors in Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand.

Tractus’ Solution

Identify, vet and schedule business meetings with potential distributor agencies in respective countries

  • Researched the Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand band saw markets and identified potential distributor companies to gauge market potential.
  • Conducted basic due diligence on target distributors to determine compatibility with Atlantic Service.
  • Scheduled meetings with relevant bandsaw blade distributors in Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand.
  • Facilitated the logistics and provided meeting support in Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand.


Redirected launch from USA to Asia and Europe

  • Atlantic Service met with a number of potential business partners in each country and are negotiating distributorship terms.
  • Atlantic Service has a better understanding of the respective markets’ growth potential

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