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Manufacturing and industrial zone site location decisions are irrevocable. The right location decision can have a profound effect on a firm’s success at meeting its strategic, operational and financial objectives. The wrong decision can put it at a competitive disadvantage and, at worst, out of business in a particular market. Determining the optimal industrial zone...
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Among other industries, Myanmar’s rich – but largely unexplored – mineral wealth has put mining near the forefront of the discussion on new foreign investment opportunities. The country is home to potentially large reserves of copper, lead, zinc, tin, tungsten, gold, coal and barite as well as precious and semi-precious stones given its geology. Opacity...
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Myanmar’s economic reform process has opened it to the world and in 2012, the country saw most international sanctions dropped and the beginning of a wave of international investment that has accelerated year over year. In the 2014 – 2015 financial year, the country’s Directorate of Investment and Company Administration (DICA) reported the approval of...
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Let’s rewind to five years ago. You are at your favorite local big box retailer to purchase home furnishings, apparel, electronics, tools, or just about anything else. At that time, nearly every item that you would have purchased on that day would most likely have been stamped “Made in China”. For the past 20 plus...
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As Myanmar heads into general elections in November of this year, even the most well informed Myanmar-watchers seem unsure what outcome to predict. Myanmar’s turbulent history and on-again, off-again efforts at reforms in the 1990s make the country appear highly unstable – at least on the surface. However, as Nassim Nicholas Taleb, author of The...
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