Business Inc.ubator™

Oversight & management of in-country business development activities, basic manufacturing and/or warehousing operations.

What People Say About us

  • We first contacted Tractus in 2007, when we decided to get serious about entering the Chinese market. They have been an integral part of our efforts ever since.

    Tractus was able to give us invaluable insights into the Chinese business culture, and they helped us develop a marketing strategy for this market. They developed the legal framework that allowed us to open a sales office in Shanghai and provided the incubator space and office infrastructure. Tractus assisted in the recruitment of the talent that is the core of our Chinese sales operation to this day.

    While our Shanghai office is now well established, Tractus continues to be an essential partner to Fort Wayne Metals. They provide managerial support to our Chinese personnel and help us with staffing choices. They have assisted us with Visa procurement, staff support, and interpretation services during our business trips in Vietnam. The incubator model, established with Tractus, has served as a template for our sales offices in other Asian countries. If your company is looking to develop a presence in Asia, I would highly recommend getting in touch with Tractus. We consider them to be an important partner and plan to continue our relationship well into the future.

    Bob Myers
    Chief Commercial Officer and Executive Vice President, Fort Wayne Metals
Business Management Tool

Business Inc.ubator™

For clients seeking to minimize initial investment cost and risk, the Business Inc.ubator™ service provides oversight and management of business development activities or basic manufacturing and/or warehousing operations. The service is available in all our offices and features a dedicated sales, marketing or technical support team directed by senior management who oversee not only our clients’ operational and business development needs, but also the execution of day-to-day business activities.

Market Research & Opportunities Identification

Detailed primary and secondary market research for companies wanting to make serious, data-backed investment decisions

Strategy Development & Feasibility Studies

Qualitative and quantitative data-based strategy development based on proven methods and comprehensive feasibility assessment for new projects

Office Space, Accounting, HR, Admin & Management Oversight

Shared or dedicated office space and back office accounting, HR and accounting oversight for companies wanting to quickly enter a new market and ramp up commercial operations with dedicated management

Recruiting Assistance

Dedicated support from Tractus’ in-country team in identifying and on-boarding talent required to meet and execute client needs for companies looking to recruit and retain top talent

Sales & Sourcing Representation & Channel Management

Full or part time management support from Tractus’ representatives in growing sales operations, identifying and managing sourcing partners for companies seeking cost competitive, highly efficient commercial ramp up in new markets

Manufacturing Start Ups & Operational Management

Ramp up support for new manufacturing and trading ventures for both companies entering new markets and companies seeking to effectively grow and strengthen existing market positions

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