Indonesia Country Representative Daniel Bellefleur (far right)
Indonesia Country Representative
Daniel Bellefleur (far right)

Jakarta, Indonesia 13 June 2015. With a newly appointed President, Pak Jokowi, and a slowing economy, the Foreign Policy Community Indonesia implemented the largest foreign policy conference in Indonesia’s history. Bringing diverse stakeholders from government, academia, and the private sector together, attendees discussed the current state of Indonesia political economy and explored opportunities to help the nation progress in the coming years. Joining a group of four distinguished panelists from government and the private sector, Tractus Asia Indonesia Country Representative, Mr. Daniel Bellefleur, discussed the challenges and opportunities of investing in Indonesia. By contrasting the incredible potential with the impediments to doing business in-country, Mr. Bellefleur expounded on the benefits and need to implement and improve the regulatory regime to support investment and economic growth for both domestic and foreign businesses.

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